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About us

           Machine Design is a core Mechanical engineering subject and a stumbling block for the Undergraduate mechanical engineering students.

            With much data and confusing formulas, student find it difficult to score or even crack this subject. Generally it covers the last four semesters and most of universities have the three levels of machine designs, starting with simple designs to the most complex system design. With our experience of about 15 years in teaching the machine design to the students of engineering we feel compelled to simplify the student community in getting cleared and score in this subject. The objectives of this website are,

  1. To provide comprehensive understanding of machine design concepts.
  2. To provide lucid and simple notes from the exam point of view for preparation.{To avoid wastage of time in collecting the study material}
  3. To provide step by step design procedures with illustrative solved problems from all recommended text books for better understanding and practice.
  4. To provide detailed explanation from basics on every stage of design to minimize the remembering the formula’s and equations.

          With these objectives in mind we have started to build this website, we plan to add the video lectures also in this website once the text resources are fully provided.

         We always welcome the comments and suggestions to make this website better and really helpful to the student community.

Reliance Academy Team.